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December 7, 2022
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December 7, 2022

Video game education at Upper Miramichi Elementary School

Grade 4 students from the Upper Miramichi Elementary School participated in a video game program, where they had the opportunity to play a building and puzzle video game called Carrington House. To demonstrate their learnings, students created their own nursing homes in a variety of ways, including completing a 3D model of a nursing home using the Carrington House game for guidance. Students were given 10 hours to complete their projects over the course of a few weeks, along with tools including iPads and laptops to help them complete their projects. The goal of this project was to change student perceptions of nursing homes and long-term care homes. Students loved assisting each other and sharing their designs.

This collaborative project was a wonderful learning experience for both teachers and students. Using nontraditional teaching, like video games, to teach educational topics kept the students engaged and excited throughout this project. “Not only did they expand their knowledge base and interest in long term care homes, but they were practicing reading, navigating a computer, logical thinking, problem solving, and communicating as a group” said grade 4 teacher, Mrs. Sullivan.

This learning opportunity enabled a productive and constructive conversation among students. In other circumstances, discussions regarding long term care often revolve around times of loss and sadness. This game gave a different perspective, one of a warm and inviting atmosphere. Interactive learning experiences, like video game interactions, can change the way students learn in classrooms, creating space for new learning opportunities.

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