As an employer of an NBTAP student, you can assist students by:

  • helping to shape the minds of youth;
  • providing a qualified Journeyperson to help put students on their right career path;
  • completing the NBTAP Secondary Pre-Apprenticeship Logbook;
  • providing a safe work environment;
  • providing personal protective clothing and equipment;
  • providing proper tools to complete the required tasks;
  • communicating with school champions and the pre-apprenticeship coordinator; and,
  • doing this all while growing employment in skilled trades and technology within New Brunswick

Employer Benefits:

With increasing demands in the skilled trades and technology area, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to access skilled personnel.  NBTAP presents a solution to workforce development needs. 

By hiring students, at a competitive rate, employers can:

  • partner with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) and Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor (PETL), organizations to provide students with pre-apprenticeship opportunities;
  • have access to cost-effective, eager, and enthusiastic workers;
  • participate in this unique opportunity to help build their future workforce;
  • help present a solution to workforce development needs;
  • help in advancing the knowledge and skills of potential future employees; and,
  • provide a certified journeyperson mentor to help create a bridge between employers and students.

There is a need to invest in our youth and this program provides employers with a method of creating expertise and developing ready-to-work skilled apprentices upon high school graduation.

How to Become a Partner:

If you wish to participate of the NBTAP Program, you can partner with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. You will be part of a unique team assisting students in enhancing their learning skills through experiential opportunities. Please contact:

Sandee Goulding-Harnum
Pre-Apprenticeship Coordinator
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Tel:  (506) 453-4397

As part of the NBTAP hiring process, employers looking to employ students under the age of 16 must complete this application and submit it to your NBTAP contact.

Participating Schools

School Champions

Cambridge Narrows Community School
Todd Wilson
Mitchell Bargg

Canterbury High School
Jeff Tompkins

Carleton North High School
Derek Tracey

Central New Brunswick Academy
Andrea Carson

Chipman Forest Avenue School
Jill Yates

Fredericton High School
Thayer Doyle

Hartland Community School
Ellen Hatt

Harvey High School
Jeremy McIver

John Caldwell School
Kevin Harding

Leo Hayes High School
Michael Sorensen

McAdam High School
Matthew Clements

Minto Memorial High School
Kendall Gaddass

Nackawic Senior High School
Chris Gallop

Oromocto High School
Travis Steeves

Saint Mary's Academy
Julie Page-Michaud
Aaron McLoughlin

Southern Victoria High School
Angela Barclay

Stanley Consolidated School
Brad Kersing

Tobique Valley High School
Holly Rasmussen

Woodstock High School
Peter Belyea

Belleisle Regional High School
Michael Chaisson

Campobello Island Consolidated School
Daphne Carten

Fundy Middle and High School
Tyson McGee

Hampton High School
Krista Hovey

Harbour View High School
Heather Malco

Grand Manan Community School
Danielle Materniak

Kennebecasis Valley High School
Becky Walsh

Rothesay High School
Janice Jordan
Tim Hunter

Saint John High School
Todd Robertson

Simonds High School
Kirby Gordon
Terry Langile
Stephanie Marr

Sir James Dunn Academy
Audrey Norman

St. Malachy's Memorial High School
Stacey Currie

St. Stephen High School
Allyson Waycott

Sussex Regional High School
Danielle Henry

Compass Education Centre - Sussex
Crystal Gray

Bernice MacNaughton High School
Stephen Harris
Lindsay Dominie

Caledonia Regional High School
Heather Lean

Harrison Trimble High School
Jason Beaton
Christine Babineau

JMA Armstrong High School
Dan Lemay

Moncton High School
Rickey Beck

Petitcodiac Regional School
Wayne Wilbut

Riverview High School
Andrew Colpitts
Julie Doucette

Tantramar Regional High School
Elliemae Paynter

Bathhurst High School
Matthew Murray

Blackville School
Tim Gratton

Bonar Law Memorial School
Vickilyn Carter

Dalhousie Regional High School
Colleen Harquail
Jen Talbot Lavigne

James M. Hill Memorial High School
Robin Martin

Miramichi Valley High School
Paul Landry

North and South ESK Regional High School
Carla Pitre

Sugarloaf Senior High School
Stacey Savoie