We would like to welcome you to the NBTAP program. High school students can apply to be part of this exciting opportunity.  NBTAP is a key engagement program within New Brunswick’s formalized Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities. 

Thinking apprenticeship is second best to a university degree, is a huge misconception. Apprenticeships can be a rewarding pathway to in demand careers. Students entering apprenticeships can “earn while they learn”. Starting with the New Brunswick Teen Apprenticeship Program (NBTAP), your student can start accumulating apprenticeship hours, developing required skills, all while earning an income, even before high school completion.  Most importantly, these apprenticeship hours may be directly transferred to a certified apprenticeship program.

NBTAP involves New Brunswick employers identifying areas where students can participate in up to three consecutive paid summer work term opportunities with their organization. Students will participate in job competitions for the skilled trades employment opportunities the best suit their interests and career pathway. A resume and application form will be required for submission. If successful, your student will work side-by-side with a skilled trades journeyperson. Learning new skills daily, working with their hands, and establishing long-term connections are just a few of the advantages of the NBTAP Program. 

If you are a parent/guardian of an NBTAP student, here is how you can support your student. You can:

  • Provide encouragement for your student(s)
  • Show an interest in skilled trades
  • Become an informed advocate
  • Provide transportation to/from the worksite
  • Attend information sessions
  • Help your student(s) prepare resumes and for interviews
  • Communicate with the employer, school champions and the pre-apprenticeship coordinator

Labor Market Information

It is projected that over the next ten years there will be a shortage of skilled tradespeople in New Brunswick. Trade occupations such as carpenters, automotive service technicians and millwrights are estimated to have over 1,000 job openings in New Brunswick within a 10 year period.

These jobs often pay very well. Average salaries for millwrights, pipefitters, electricians, crane operators and powerline technicians are $70,000 or more.
To learn more about job openings and salaries for hundreds of jobs in New Brunswick, please visit the Occupational Profiles (

Quick Facts:

  • For the period of 2023-2032, forecasted job openings for the construction sector in the province total 10,200. Most of these openings are due to retirements.
  • In Q2 2022, there were 1,755 job vacancies in the N.B. construction sector. This represented a nearly nine-fold increase (+875%) relative to Q2 2016.
  • New Brunswick has the second highest construction job vacancies rate among the ten provinces (8.5% in Q2 2022).

To find out more information about available careers and salaries within New Brunswick, please visit the following websites:
Job Bank Canada

Just Imagine, your student will build their career, while earning income and hour per hour credit towards their apprenticeship within beautiful New Brunswick even before leaving high school. Earning an education, while being paid = No student loans required.

Funding Information

After high school, as with many other post-secondary opportunities, there are also opportunities for students to obtain apprenticeship funding within the Province of New Brunswick. This funding can help ease the financial burden often associated with post-secondary educational training. Qualified individuals can receive funding in the form of Employment Insurance (EI). Also, the Training and Skills Development Program helps cover such expenses as: living away from home, travel assistance, childcare, commuting allowance and disability allowance. 


There are a wide range of grants and incentives available to assist apprentices. Some of these include (Source: PETL website)

Canada Apprentice Loan
The Canada Apprentice Loan is effective January 2, 2015. For more information, please contact your apprenticeship counsellor.
Apprenticeship Tuition Rebate
Effective January 2014, registered apprentices who have successfully completed a level of technical training and passed the block exam may be eligible for a tuition rebate equal to the amount the apprentice paid for tuition (i.e. the number of weeks of training x $85.00 per week). For more information on this provincial rebate, contact your Apprenticeship Counselor or the apprenticeship office in your region
Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG)
The AIG is a taxable cash grant of $1,000 per year for registered apprentices once they have successfully completed their first and/or second year/level (or equivalent) of an apprenticeship program in one of the Red Seal occupations. The AIG is meant to help apprentices cover some of the expenses related to tuition, travel and tools.
Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG)
The ACG is a $2,000 taxable cash grant for apprentices who complete their apprenticeship training and obtain Red Seal endorsement or a provincial or territorial Certificate of Qualification in a Red Seal occupation.
Tradesperson's Tool Deduction

This incentive provides employed tradespersons with an annual deduction of up to $500 to help cover the cost of new tools necessary to their occupation. The deduction applies to the total cost of eligible tools if the following conditions are met:

  • the total cost exceeds $1,000;
  • the tools were bought after May 1, 2006; and
  • the purchase was made by an employed tradesperson.

Note: Apprentice Mechanic Tools Expenses

Even though an apprentice may have already claimed the tradesperson’s deduction for tools, he/she may also be able to deduct a part of the cost of eligible tools purchased to earn employment income as an eligible apprentice mechanic.

If you would like more information about the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant, the Apprenticeship Completion Grant, the Tradesperson’s Tool Deduction, visit

You can also find further funding opportunities by visiting the following: Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

For more information on apprenticeship, visit: The New Brunswick Community College


As a parent/guardian, you may be concerned about the health and safety of your student while working on the job. Ensuring that your student is aware of workplace hazards is up utmost importance. Students will participate in work site orientations, which will include information and policies regarding workplace safety, including wearing personal protective equipment at all times, maintaining a safe work space, inspecting tools and equipment prior to use, and much more. 

As the students work with a Journeyperson, they will learn more about the safety aspects surrounding their career choice profession. While employers are responsible for providing a safe workspace for the students to reduce workplace injuries, the students have a responsibility to follow the safe work practices established by the employer. 

Under WorkSafeNB, the provision a healthy and safe workplace for New Brunswick’s workers and employers is a priority.  WorkSafeNB is a Crown corporation charged with overseeing the implementation and application of New Brunswick’s Occupational Health and Safety Act; Workers’ Compensation Act; Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission and Worker’s Compensation Appeals Tribunal Act; and, the Firefighters’ Compensation act.

As a parent/guardian, you may wonder how you can play a role in protecting your student. Here are some suggestions:

  • Discuss the importance of safety in the workplace with your student
  • Discuss the role that your student will play regarding safety
  • Take time to discuss the skilled trade in which your student is involved
  • Review the workplace orientation with your student
  • Know the equipment, tools and personal protective equipment required
  • Ensure your student knows how to report any incident that occurs

To learn more about safety in the workplace, visit the WorkSafeNB website.

Participating Schools

School Champions

Cambridge Narrows Community School
Todd Wilson
Mitchell Bargg

Canterbury High School
Jeff Tompkins

Carleton North High School
Derek Tracey

Central New Brunswick Academy
Andrea Carson

Chipman Forest Avenue School
Jill Yates

Fredericton High School
Thayer Doyle

Hartland Community School
Ellen Hatt

Harvey High School
Jeremy McIver

John Caldwell School
Kevin Harding

Leo Hayes High School
Michael Sorensen

McAdam High School
Matthew Clements

Minto Memorial High School
Kendall Gaddass

Nackawic Senior High School
Chris Gallop

Oromocto High School
Travis Steeves

Saint Mary's Academy
Julie Page-Michaud
Aaron McLoughlin

Southern Victoria High School
Angela Barclay

Stanley Consolidated School
Brad Kersing

Tobique Valley High School
Holly Rasmussen

Woodstock High School
Peter Belyea

Belleisle Regional High School
Michael Chaisson

Campobello Island Consolidated School
Daphne Carten

Fundy Middle and High School
Tyson McGee

Hampton High School
Krista Hovey

Harbour View High School
Heather Malco

Grand Manan Community School
Danielle Materniak

Kennebecasis Valley High School
Becky Walsh

Rothesay High School
Janice Jordan
Tim Hunter

Saint John High School
Todd Robertson

Simonds High School
Kirby Gordon
Terry Langile
Stephanie Marr

Sir James Dunn Academy
Audrey Norman

St. Malachy's Memorial High School
Stacey Currie

St. Stephen High School
Allyson Waycott

Sussex Regional High School
Danielle Henry

Compass Education Centre - Sussex
Crystal Gray

Bernice MacNaughton High School
Stephen Harris
Lindsay Dominie

Caledonia Regional High School
Heather Lean

Harrison Trimble High School
Jason Beaton
Christine Babineau

JMA Armstrong High School
Dan Lemay

Moncton High School
Rickey Beck

Petitcodiac Regional School
Wayne Wilbut

Riverview High School
Andrew Colpitts
Julie Doucette

Tantramar Regional High School
Elliemae Paynter

Bathhurst High School
Matthew Murray

Blackville School
Tim Gratton

Bonar Law Memorial School
Vickilyn Carter

Dalhousie Regional High School
Colleen Harquail
Jen Talbot Lavigne

James M. Hill Memorial High School
Robin Martin

Miramichi Valley High School
Paul Landry

North and South ESK Regional High School
Carla Pitre

Sugarloaf Senior High School
Stacey Savoie