UNBSJ Resort Management class apply skills at Algonquin Resort
March 26, 2019

Ignite Fredericton hires two STU students; expands intern opportunities

“We were approached by the Marketing and Communications Manager at Ignite Fredericton with the idea of hiring a fourth-year student to support her team’s digital marketing, communications, and event planning activities. They drafted a position description, and soon after, students sent in their applications. After interviewing a few candidates, Ignite Fredericton realized that there were two students who could bring strengths in different ways to enhance the work of their organization. They ended up asking if they could hire two interns because they couldn’t pick one over another!

Currently, the intern with a psychology background is applying her understanding of human behaviour and pairing it with her research skills to help Ignite find new ways of reaching audiences. The second intern is applying her communications, economics, and political science knowledge to assist with event coordination and community engagement, including digital campaigns. So far, the feedback has been great!”