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December 7, 2022
Centres of Excellence – Overarching Health Success Story
May 23, 2023

Centres of Excellence – Student Success Story

According to provincial exit survey data from Grade 12 students in New Brunswick, many students do not have a firm understanding of their employment options. Centres of Excellence (COE) are reimagining how students learn about New Brunswick career opportunities, while increasing their career readiness through experiential learning initiatives. The COEs are supported by a network of provincial partners who provide learning supports such as resources, mentorship, tours, presentations, and co-op placements. The Centres aim to move students through a continuum of learning that begins with foundational awareness and guides students to discover their passions through experiential learning opportunities, like co-op placements, that provide valuable job experience and training.

Wynn undertook a co-op placement at Shannex Neill Hall, supported by her high school and the Centres of Excellence partnership with Shannex. Throughout her experience, she was able to create lasting memories and make positive impacts, both for herself and the residents. The COE has supported new opportunities for Wynn, by creating space for hands-on learning. 

During her time at Shannex, Wynn received video instruction and digital training, before moving into shadowing nurses and Personal Support Workers. Being put into an environment with hands-on learning experience, tutorial instruction, mentorship and job shadowing changed everything for her, and Wynn suddenly felt like she could succeed in what she was doing. The placement gave her invaluable insight while she was still considering her future in high school. Wynn completed the Resident’s Attendance Course during her placement, which gave her a foundation and additional learning experience that allowed her to get a job post-graduation.

Currently, Wynn is one year out of high school and is working as a Personal Support Worker. Based on her experience, she decided to stay and work in New Brunswick. Wynn believes the Centres of Excellence model has positively impacted the way New Brunswick approaches learning in the public education system, and she is thrilled that she had the opportunity to participate in her co-op placement.